Thanks for supporting the pesticide ordinance! Revised ordinance wording will appear on the Nov. 2014 ballot.

Your continued support is appreciated to help save our waters!

Ogunquit Conservation                 


Ogunquit voters recently voted to expand our current pesticide ordinance to include the entire community. To read more about this exciting project,      just click these links:

       Pesticide Ordinance

     Pesticide Ordinance Overview

            Pesticide FAQs    

           Pesticide Fact Sheet

      Six Steps to Organic Gardening


Our goals and responsibilities are to protect and maintain Ogunquit’s natural resources, to conserve natural habitat, to procure and develop open spaces, parks and trails, to establish public access conservation easements through land trusts or town owned properties.

We also recommend to Municipal Officers a program for the better protection or use of open land, wetlands and waterways, which may include acquisition by conservation easements. We continue our ongoing program of solicitation in order to fund the purchase, or donation, of open spaces.


  1. Bullet The Ogunquit river and tidal estuary

  2. Bullet The Josias river

  3. Bullet Perkins Cove

  4. Bullet Ogunquit Beach and dunes


  1. Bullet Open land

  2. Bullet Wetlands

  3. Bullet Natural habitats

  4. Bullet Wildlife refuge


  1. Bullet Conservation land

  2. Bullet Public trails and easements

  3. Bullet Shore and waterfront public access

  4. Bullet Mapping and index of green space

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Welcome to the Ogunquit Conservation Commission

Read a statement about Ogunquit’s efforts to save our dunes! This article was submitted to the local media and is very informative. Dunes

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