clammers 2

We have been looking at some of the great reasons why winter in Ogunquit can be so special – the lack of the stuck in traffic cars on RT 1 and Shore Rd, idling away and polluting our sweet ocean air; the lack of people eroding our Marginal Way, the clarity of the water and the winter ducks.

The winter ducks that are here – and there are far more kinds than I have talked about – perhaps we can talk about some of the others at another time – are here because of the clarity and cleanliness of our ocean waters – clean because of Ogunquit’s ordinance banning chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

At one time, fertilizers would drain into our estuary causing algae blooms that would sometimes hurt the quality of the shellfish most of these ducks feed on.

And there’s another reason why winter here is delicious and why our pesticide ordinance was necessary.

You may not be a person who knows how or enjoys digging clams, but clamming season’s often in full swing during the cold and winter months.

I’m not a clammer, but once a friend gave us a bucketful she had dug from our clam flats, and I have never tasted clams so fresh and sweet. Of course clamming can be hard, cold work. Maybe you have seen the clammers out on the river mud flats at low tide in the winter and can appreciate what a Maine clammer is up against.

Don’t know how?  Maybe we can talk about that next time.