BDN - antsSpring might be here, although those with us with fresh snow on the ground again might wonder, and while spring brings with it all those good things – warmer days, the first spring flowers, a Hallelujah Chorus of early morning bird song – it also can bring with it the bugs – we often see ants – and this might be a good year for them.

During those ‘warm’ days back in February – remember those? – we began seeing two or three ants one day, four or five another day, exploring our counters, walls ceilings, and cupboards.

Can you remember seeing ants in your house in winter? And especially since we – like you no doubt – keep our kitchen spotless and all foods in sealed containers.

I have to admit we are prejudiced toward these little pests, and often send them off exploring our town via the sewer system, give them flying lessons off our deck, or wash them down the drain.  Unbelievably some came crawling back up, my wife reported, despite a Niagara from the faucet and a minute or two of the garbage disposal.

Were these super ants?

Or were they coming from next door?  Several weeks before we had seen a bug control truck slip into our downhill neighbor’s drive. A couple of weeks later the same truck pulled into our uphill neighbor’s.

Something was definitely going on.

I remember hearing that what you could do to confuse and outwit (!) ants was to put something – I couldn’t remember what – across their ant trail. Apparently one ant leaves ‘traces’ along its way and other ants follow his scent or whatever it is.

Don’t you hate to think about the trail they’re leaving?

We had heard of various home remedy sprays, usually starring hot pepper and soap or vinegar. Should we spray our counters, walls and ceilings with vinegar? Hot pepper spray?  Could the home remedies be serious?

We finally relied on our tried and true methods – a good flush, a good flight – seemed to solve our ant mini ‘invasion.’

Or maybe it was the deep freeze days we had later in March?

The real question is this: If they were here in February, are they coming back in force as this spring warms up?