bdn-working-togetherWe have to start locally protecting our own clean waters and clean land, while obtaining town land for conservation purposes, given what might happen under the new administration.

But while we should begin locally, we must also work together trading ideas, support, and ways to defend the progress we have made both locally as well as statewide.

How can we do this?

Already we have the Maine Association of Conservation Commissions. This invaluable organization is what we need to band us together.  Founded more than 30 years ago, this organization publishes newsletters and holds a meeting in the midcoast every year.

We can work with the Natural Resources Council of Maine, a watchdog of state legislation, and a clearing house for state environmental news and action.

We must start where we are, but we must also work with one another and feed off of one another’s experiences and successes. We have seen this happen already, when Ogunquit passed its ordinance forbidding the use of chemical pesticides on any town property.

A number of other towns and municipalities followed suit, so we now have similar ordinances in Harpswell and South Portland, with Portland and York and other Maine towns considering comparable ordinances that protect our children, pets and wildlife – and us.

We must work locally at protecting our environment while also banding together to resist environmental changes that might hurt those we love, our land and water