crabgrass 3I know there have been a lot of jokes about crabgrass – that weed that infests so many lawns. Growing up, I don’t recall we ever had crabgrass. We had a back field that had, well, field grass and wildflowers, but we kept that pretty much mowed down, but in our lawn? Just good old rugged grass.

Crabgrass loves full sun, flourishes in those bare spots in your lawn or at its edges, and does well with lots of fertilizer.

Crabgrass just loves that hot sun, but since we kept our lawn higher than a putting green, the thick high grass shaded whatever crabgrass we might have had and didn’t give it a chance.

Moreover, our thick, high lawn never seemed to have bare places though we played hard on it.

If you have bare patches, all you have to do – does this sound familiar? – is to reseed those places and get a good bunch of grass growing there before the hot weather strikes.

And if you are a person who likes to water your lawn every day, forget it!  You are just encouraging a lawn with shallow roots and crabgrass just loves those lawns!crabgrass

Oh, if you are thinking of dumping fertilizer on your lawn come summer, forget that too – you’ll just be helping that old crabgrass to take over.

Sounds easy? It is!  Just remember – keep your grass about 3” high, seed those bare patches, and don’t over water or over fertilize, and your lawn should be looking like it does on those commercial lawn bags.