rain garden 2If you are having drainage problems where you live, then you might want to consider putting in a rain garden or another one of a number of what are called best management practices or as they are know around landscapers, BMPs.

These BMPs come in a variety of guises, everything from a sunken garden that might be a foot or two below ground to your ordinary old time rain barrel that catches water from your gutters.

I grew up with a rain barrel, an old antique customer that was there when my folks bought the house that sat at the back corner of the house and always seemed suspect – despite the temptation, I never played in it.

These days rain barrels are used for a  handy water source for your garden – just dip your bucket or watering can in, and – bingo! – you’re ready to go.

Rain gardens can also be what looks like your everyday flower or veggie garden, though downhill from where you have some drainage problems or what we have here – a whole tangle of sumac, box elder, mountain ash and a variety of shrubbery and undergrowth that soaks up any water flowing down the hill.

If you think you might want one, then the environmental group we have been working with – FP Environmental – will design one for you for free – and either you can put in yourself with a little help from your friends if you wish, or you can get a landscaper to help you.