BDN - cherry tomatoesIf you’re a gardener and haven’t seen the Maine Organic Farmer and Grower’s weekly bulletin, you may be missing out on a valuable resource

Their free weekly newsletter is full of advice, suggestions, meetings, and workshops where you can meet experienced gardeners and learn how to grow your garden organically without using harmful chemical pesticides.

Recently their newsletter offered workshops for beginning organic gardeners; tips for growing kale and leaks; guidelines for grafting fruit trees – my bother-in-law has several apple trees that because of grafting bare a number of different kinds of apples – a small miracle in my mind; an organic meat conference for the carnivores amongst us, and conferences on grain and controlling those pesky internal parasites in your sheep and goats.

This newsletter also offered workshops on orchard pruning “to encourage vigorous growth, heavy fruit set, and quality fruit yield” aimed at beginners as well as experienced people with fruit trees here in Northern New England; saffron growing; and giving old fruit trees new life – a workshop we could have used where we used to live where we had a number of ancient apple and pear trees.

Along with this feast of gardening knowledge, MOFGA offers a monthly radio show available on line and over a couple FM stations; recently a MOFGA dinner in Portland, all organic of course; a potluck dinner up in Waldo County, and a seed and cuttings swap in Unity.

Thanks to the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Bulletin, the garden of earthly delights and all its bounty is readily available in the Pine Tree State. Why not join MOFGA? It’s free! – meet experienced gardeners and learn some gardening wisdom. It’s there for the asking