If you are a dog owner, we need your help.  Our streams and river have been tested and retested by FP Environmental Associates, the environmental group working with our town and with the Conservation Commission to find the sources of bacterial contamination in our streams and river.

FP Environmental tests our waters when its dry and following a rain and then run DNA tests on any bacteria they find. After exhaustive testing last year, they discovered that the main source of our bacterial contamination in our waters was due to dogs.


Here are  the DNA results.

Bacterial contamination dominated in test area after test area. Why?

Well, the answer’s plain to see.

Dog owners either didn’t pick up after their dogs or they picked up and then threw the bag of dog feces where they were walking their Fido or stuffed their ‘doggie bag’ down one of the drainage areas.

Even though the dog feces may be in a plastic bag, does not mean that they will not affect our streams and river, and ultimately, of course, our beach. Dog waste contains round worms and bacteria that can cause diarrhea, eye and ear infections, vomiting, temporary blindness in humans and the list goes on.

And I don’t think that our town is much different from any other town in Maine or in any other state.

No one likes to handle dog feces. Remember stepping in a ripe pile when you were a kid and getting it in those treads in your sneaker? The stench? And trying to clean your sneaker treads?

It seems as if some dog owners don’t want to be bothered to dispose of those ‘doggie bags’ responsibly.

But it’s easy. How about tossing them in you trash cans? Or flushing the contents?

Please do us that favor. You’ll be helping to keep our streams and river free from bacteria that can make you, your family and friends, very sick.