bdn-fall-leaves-4Here’s the easiest way to deal with those leaves on your lawn – just mow them!

If you have a composter and use your fallen leaves for winter compost then that‘s a great use them. You should cover your kitchen waste with your leaves and garden waste from the summer.

Back in the good old days, my dad and I would rake up our leaves into an old quilt and haul them out to our ditch along our one lane country road and burn them. They added to fall’s unmistakable fragrance – decaying leaves and that unmistakable aroma of burning leaves – something I still miss.

But at some point we quit doing that and just mowed our lawn and the leaves.

We didn’t have a special mulching mower; our regular old mower chewed our leaves up into little flakes that dropped down between blades of grass, and then rotted over the winter and early spring. Those leaves soon became lawn fertilizer.

Little did we know then that mulching your leaves can really help a lawn’s health.

When I had a lawn with my wife and kids, we just mowed our lawn and leaves and that worked out well – no raking, no work, just that last mowing.

Save yourself some time and grief. Give your lawn and your leaves one last mowing before winter. It’s that easy to feed your lawn – just mow your leaves and let them feed your lawn.

Your lawn will say, ‘Thank you!’ and look great come spring.