rain garden (3)So few things in this life are free!  Yet FP Environmental Associates, the environmental group working with the Conservation Commission and the town, is still offering free designs for your own water garden or any other method for controlling storm water runoff on your land.

“We are continuing to wrap up Phase I and are looking for homeowners interested in our FREE technical assistance.” FP Environmentalist Lauren Bizzari tells us.

“During a brief technical assistance visit, we will help you identify opportunities to install simple conservation practices on your own property,” she continues.  “Additionally, financial assistance is available to install the recommended practices should you decide to do so.”

If your yard or land is flooded after a good rain, or if you are interested in better controlling storm water runoff on your property, here is both free design assistance and financial assistance to deal with it.

If you are interested in a free technical assistance visit, contact Lauren Bizzari (802-279-5578, or [email protected]) for more information and to schedule a visit.  “We can be very accommodating,” she says, “to busy summer schedules.”

For even more information about this and other aspects of FP Environmental’s work in Ogunquit, take a look at their project site:

Look under ‘Projects’ at the top of our page: www.ogunquitconservation.org