Beach Plum FarmOgunquit voters supported a ban on most chemical pesticides nearly a year ago, and so became the first town in Maine, and the first town in the country to pass such a ban by the voters. Tacoma Park Maryland’s town council had passed a similar ordinance a year before.

We championed this ordinance and Ogunquit voters agreed that since our town is small and since everything that is put on land in town ultimately ends down in the ocean, that in order to protect the health and safety of our water and our beach, such an ordinance was essential – that is why Downeast Magazine honored Ogunquit with its 2015 Environmental Award – the first ever for a town.

Of course there are growing pains associated with such an ordinance, that is why we have provided links to a number of different helpful sites; along with these, we have included that has much of the research on the dangers of chemical pesticides to children, adults and our pets.  Our lawn and gardens are now free of such dangers.

If you are having lawn or garden problems and are looking for solutions we urge you to consult these links and if you can’t find something helpful there, then please contact us.