bdn-sunTen years ago Al Gore enlightened the world with his book and film, An Inconvenient Truth, and soon the world knew what climate scientists had known for some time: our Earth is warming, oceans are rising, and we soon learned that warm climate animals and plants could be found in northern areas where they had not been before.

Al Gore’s film went on to win two Academy Awards and Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize the following year with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Gore for his work to raise awareness of climate change among government figures and the rest of us.

That was ten years ago, and despite some politicians still scoffing at climate change while cities in their states are routinely flooded by high tides, droughts are causing severe water shortages, and relentless wildfires are consuming homes and timber land, most agree that climate change is a reality and action is a necessity.

In the heat of a political campaign that has not emphasized the need for action, Leonardo diCaprio has produced, Before the Flood, supported by the National Geographic Society, an update on changes and catastrophes caused by global warming.

If you’re like us, and don’t get the National Geographic channel and thinking you might be out of luck, Before the Flood is available for free viewing on Youtube, Amazon, Face Book, Twitter and others for a week, from October 30 till November 6.

Check it out. Whatever your views on climate change, all of us might learn a thing or two.