Nothing makes me madder than someone trying to take away one of our basic rights. A legislator from Hancock County, a state senator no less, wants to take away local control from Maine towns.

State Senator Tom Saviello of Franklin is trying to have the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry OK a bill that would take away a town’s right to pass their own ordinances about using pesticides and place this in state control.

In state control. Not local control.

Local control is one our basic Maine freedoms.

These Maine towns already have some kind of pesticide ordinance:
Allagash, Amherst, Arrowsic, Brighton Plantation, Brunswick, Castine, Coplin Plantation, Cranberry Isles, Harpswell, Lebanon, Limerick, Limestone, Montville, Newburgh, New Gloucester, New Sweden, Ogunquit, Owl’s Head, Portland, Rangeley, Rockland, South Portland, Southport, Standish, Sweden, Waterboro, Wayne, and Wells.

The issue is not just a town’s right to pass safeguards against synthetic and chemical pesticides, but local control itself.

You can email at [email protected] You can also contact everyone on the committee by emailing the clerk of this committee at [email protected] .

If Saviello’s town of Franklin wants to poison its children, adults and pets with pesticides, let them vote for it.

Help stop politicians trying to rob us of our local control.