Winter sunsetWhy would anyone stay in Ogunquit over the winter?  You might be wondering the same thing, as the cold weather closes over us and those warm days of summer, when you could sit on the beach and feel the sun’s heat warm every inch of your body, are a memory.

To tell you the truth, not many are left in town by the time the holidays are over; Florida seems to be the popular destination, and our neighborhoods, in the summer alive with people walking by, lawn crews plying their incessant machines and neighbors’ air conditioners rattling away although the temperature’s a sweet 78 in the sun, now are deserted and silent.

Perhaps that’s one reason why people stay here in the winter – as the fall slipped away, quiet once more rules our town once again. You can walk the Marginal Way without throngs bumping into you, too busy reading their phones to notice the miracle of our ocean beside them; you can find a parking place at the post office and drive through Jacob’s Lot without threading your way through a crazy quilt of cars and people sauntering in the middle of the way.

You see friends and acquaintances now on the street or in the post office that during the summer had been working or entertaining family or lost in the summer crowds and can at last stop to talk.

And it’s the light – that sunrise and sunset that changes the sky and sea almost minute by minute – breathtaking, stunning – that no artist can capture completely – but has to be seen to be believed.

We love the winters here and those are only some of the reasons why we love winters here in Ogunquit.  Let’s talk more next week why we think winters here are a pleasure.