clover in lawnWhy would anyone think that having a lawn without clover was the only way a lawn should look?

Grass seed companies really got their gas after World War II, when so many homes were built for returning servicemen – of course these homes also needed a grassy lawn.  Clover seed was always included in grass seeds up until this time.

Enter herbicides created during World War II by the chemical companies, then sold to use on lawns to kill dandelions and other grass lawn invasives that were considered wrong for a good looking lawn.

But these herbicides also killed clover and people became used to lawns without clover – without those small white blooms that might dot a lawn otherwise.  Clover, according to the grass seed companies, was now a ‘weed.’

Well, so what?

Clover feeds nitrogen to the soil – it makes for a healthier lawn. Without clover, you have to buy a high nitrogen fertilizer – another product, another chemical additive.

Bugs don’t like clover; clover doesn’t need a lot of water, and few diseases attack clover – clover is like a natural, super additive for a bug free, healthy and safe lawn.

Few seed companies include clover seed in their lawn seed mixes today and that means they can sell you not only the chemical herbicide, but a nitrogen based fertilizer to supply that now missing nitrogen – the Great Clover Conspiracy!

Here’s what you can do for a natural, safer lawn.  Scatter clover seed over your lawn in the spring, especially in any bare patches and you can skip the high nitrogen fertilizer.

Don’t like the look of clover in your lawn?  Use the relatively new micro-clover – tiny clover that hides in your grass but feeds your soil and lawn just as well as its big brother.

Clover - 4 leaf Then forget the high nitrogen, chemical fertilizer and poisonous herbicide – and enjoy a safer lawn for you, your kids, and your pets, who knows? You may find your four leaf clover and hit the lottery!