solar farms 3Many of us would love to tap into the vast resources of solar energy for our homes, but we lack the space or the proper southern exposure to be able to do this.

While it is not within the Ogunquit Conservation Commission’s mission statement to work on solar energy possibilities, this might be because solar energy was not in the minds of those who founded our commission a number of years ago.

Preserving a clean beach and dunes, land for conservation purposes, guaranteeing clean rivers and streams are our main concerns. Solar energy seemed to be more of an individual choice, rather than a choice our town or a collection of individuals could consider.

Now there is a choice. Community Solar Farms allows people who don’t have the land, proper exposure or even their own home to buy shares in solar panels or their own solar panels located on fields, barn rooftops or other exposed areas.

Could we do this in Ogunquit?

We need to find space to do this.  Is there town land that might be used?  We have a small town with limited space.

Are there town owned open spaces where solar panels could be erected? Is there space in our town transfer station area?  Are there other places solar panels might be erected?  Are there privately owned open areas that owners might wish to rent to those owning solar panels?

Nine people would have agree to sign on for solar energy for starters.

solar panels 2Even though the solar panels would be located elsewhere, the energy produced would go to the members in proportion to their investment and its production of clean renewable energy goes to offset their individual home electricity bills from CMP.

Rockland, Freeport, Brunswick, Bar Harbor, and South China are a few of the Maine communities taking advantage of these community owned solar farms.

Could Ogunquit be the next Maine town to move toward using solar energy?