Why is winter such a pleasure here in Ogunquit? So many reasons! Let’s take a look at one for the next week or two.

Those of us who love the Marginal Way and are intrigued by the bird life amongst so much else to see along this fabulous walk, see in winter many ducks, wintering here from the Far North – northern Quebec and Labrador and even the tundra.

They are hard to ignore – here are a couple you might have seen, since they are about – though many fewer – in the summer as well.

You might know the mallards – they seem so common, don’t they? They loved the Cove,  fed by one of our good hearted natives, and the Cove seemed a safe place for them – plenty of food and protected from the storm waves and surf – as is the river – you can see them there frequently. Mallards have even been domesticated.

Mallards are even on the beach in the late evening and early mornings occasionally, looking to sleep on land, secure from whatever might see them as a late night or early morning snack.

And here are the eiders, the males standing out in their white and black feathers, like those shoes once popular some time ago. Vast flotillas of these ducks gather offshore, newly arrived from some northern clime, here in our clean and clear ocean waters, thanks to our ordinances, looking for small fish and mussels. Some seem to stay the summer, nesting in some quiet cove.

These are only some of the ducks that make winter a gorgeous and fascinating place to be in these colder and quieter months.eider ducks

Mallard ducks