Ogunquit RiverFor the past several years, the Conservation Commission has been working closely with FP Environmental Associates and the town of Ogunquit to improve our water quality and reduce bacteria levels in the Ogunquit River watershed and on our beaches through a grant from the EPA and the Maine DEP.

We have looked at threats to our clean water and beaches such as storm water run off problems and aging septic systems and beginning
to deal with these problems by pin pointing sources of water with high bacteria count.

These problems can be solved using good conservation practices such as planting vegetation to catch storm water run off and using rain gardens, rain barrels, and better roof gutters or roof pipeline filters to deal with run off. Septic systems should be pumped on a regular basis; the septic pumping companies keep Ogunquit’s code enforcement officer up to date about these activities.

FP Environmental has provided the Conservation Commission and the town of Ogunquit with much needed information to deal with these problems and keep our streams, river, and beaches clean and healthy.