Beach ogunquit 1Part of Ogunquit’s Conservation Commission’s responsibility is to protect our beach. Over the years we have tried to do just that by advocating for fencing along both sides of the dunes that are part of the beach system; posting signage warning visitors to stay off the fragile dunes; moving toward a carry on, carry off system to encourage respect for beach cleanliness and to remove the necessity of our hard working public works crew from having to truck many times up and down the beach collecting trash from barrels.

Our town manager has been key to many of these efforts. Early in the year he began having fencing erected; now that the season’s growing to a close, he is having this job finished.

He helped change to a policy of carry on, carry off trash, an experiment that has proved to be enormously successful. He leased to buy a tractor with sand and seaweed combing attachments so the town no longer needs to have an outside beach comber come daily; now this only has to be done when needed, keeping the beach free of this traffic.

Beach patrols were instituted this year, helping to make our beach even cleaner than it’s been, along with reminding visitors of beach rules and etiquette.

We have witnessed visitors picking up bits of trash brought in with the tide. About mid-summer, a French couple patrolled the beach daily early in the morning – a lesson for all of us. Of course visitors want a clean beach too, and this couple was ensuring that would happen.

This is the summer beach and it’s usually teeming with beach goers beginning often early in the morning until late in the evening; everyone has done their parts in ensuring a clean and healthy beach for all to enjoy.