bdn-blue-skyWhether you voted for Donald Trump or not, if you care about our environment you might worry about what could happen to our clean air, water and land given his various appointments.

I can remember when our rivers were polluted with industrial waste and untreated sewage from towns and cities along their banks. Coal fired plants dirtied our air; more of our kids had asthma and breathing problems, and too often you could pick up the newspaper and find out that someone had dumped barrels of toxic chemical waste in your town’s woods.

Now with threats of stripping the EPA of many of its regulations whether by Trump or the Republican congress, you might wonder what our water, air and surrounding land might look at in another few years.

What can you do about it?

Of course you can contact your representatives in Washington and they just might do what they can to stop what could be an environmental nightmare.

You can also do what you can do in your own town.

You can pass ordinances that will come down hard on those who pollute your sources of drinking water. You can make sure that your town has restrictions on coal burning companies and that anyone dumping barrels of toxic chemicals in your town is fined and made to clean up the poisons.

You have to start locally.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  That’s because it’s true and the most effective place where you might have your voice heard and help save our clean air, water and land for our children and grandchildren is in your own backyard.