No dogs signWe have been looking at some of the reasons why wintering in Ogunquit can be interesting and fun, and if you’re a dog owner, and there seem to be a lot of dog owners around these days, then both the Marginal Way and the beach are open for dogs.

Well, not the entire beach.

A number of signs along the edge of the Maine Beach parking lot have a clear message: NO DOGS.

And a large sign as you walk down the main ramp by the Norseman tells the same story – an arrow pointing to the right -> states: NO DOGS.

Why is this? Why are there signs along the edge of the parking lot, especially in those areas where there is or has been access to the beach below the parking lot as well as pointing to the right along the beach area below the parking lot clearing stating: NO DOGS?

Just take a look sometime at how the waves strike the beach below the parking lot as the tide rises – the waves wash  against the beach – or against the rocks that border the parking lot – and wash south – eventually heading into the river.

The clam flats that are open this year are just on the other side of the bridge on the dune side. Now imagine, someone’s dog has left its ‘calling card’ to be polite – we all know what we’re talking about – like me, you probably have stepped in this ‘calling card’ more than once, especially when you were a kid – and the calling card in the sand will soon be washing up to the clam flats…and clams, well, seems to ‘eat’ what comes along.

And sadly dogs’ calling cards decorate our beach in winter – as they do the Marginal Way.

What’s best for Ogunquit?  To obey the signs – they are there for a reason – and to keep our beach – and Marginal Way – clean.